About Us

With connections across the globe & years of experience in Crypto, Web Development & Marketing, Third Coast Ventures is here for you every step of the way

Why third coast ventures

Third Coast Ventures specializes in Web3 & NFT investing, technical web services, consulting, marketing guidance & community building. Third Coast Ventures invests in start-ups that require capital associated with launching a project. We are a digital trendsetter with a world-wide customer base. Our DAO pool of investors, web developers & crypto experts are here to help deliver results and exceed your goals. 

Our team has successfully launched multiple NFT projects and knows knows the secret to a winning formula. 

Evolution of the Web Development

our services

We have a proven track-record of delivering results in the dynamic NFT space. Book a free consultation to learn more.


Our community of investors are some of the most engaged & informed in the Solana eco-system. All investments are full backed by our community of whales to help guarantee success.

marketing excellence

Grass roots marketing and building a loyal community is the name of the game. Our team is here for you to help determine the right levers and paths to help grow you project.


As investors in your project, we want to see you succeed. Our team boasts various backgrounds and can offer comprehensive guidance & counsel every step of the way.

Qualified Content Creators & technical services

From Launch Pads & Doxxing Services to Web Development & Graphic Design, we offer all the services needed to support the growth of your project. Our certified content creators are here to help brand your story.