DAO Community Sharing /Holding Pool Services

How Our DAO Community Wallet Works

Third Coast Ventures is a venture capital firm that has brought investors together in our holding pools. Our community wallet gathers money, NFTs & crypto tokens such as Solana (SOL) in a decentralized, shared wallet. Our holders’ community is one of our biggest assets and one of the largest pools of top-notch, global investors looking to pour money into the next blue chip project. Any projects invested in must be voted on by this community. This unique & rigorous investment protocol by the governing DAO helps ensure success by narrowing in on only the best projects. All projects we invest in will immediately gain exposure to this group of individuals. This helps cast a larger net and audience for projects we collaborate with and an easy opportunity to grow organically.

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Our holding pools are decentralized and autonomous. It governs itself.



Our investors' pools are 100% transparent without any manual hand of cooperation. Maintaining transparency is the core aspect of our work ethics.



Our DAO is exclusive. Our members are top holders of the Noah's Ark NFT or invite-only.



At Third Coast Ventures, we are aware that security has been the primary concern for not only investors but also customers. Secured blockchain protocols protect our decentralized community.



When investing in any NFT start-up or making any change to the liquidity pool, voting is required. All votes are anonymous.


Proposals and Suggestions

Every member of our DAO community pool can create a proposal and propose suggestions for improving our investment structure and how we operate as a community.



Neutrality is the core aspect of our holding pools. That means all the investments we make are handled automatically.


Reward Sharing

DAO members are rewarded in the form of cryptocurrencies, NFT's or other assets.


Benefits We Offer To Our Community Holding Pools

At Third Coast Ventures, we have designed an investment strategy to stay ahead of market volatility. We invest in multiple projects to diversify our revenue stream. We distribute these revenues into our community wallet. Our holders pick which project we invest in, and we raise funds from successful mints. In return, our community members receive quarterly giveaways and rewards. Our DAO community is growing more significant and more prominent. Our holders are unified by the single financial goal of investing in upcoming NFT projects and buying the NFTs. 

Virtual Network Of Crypto investors and enthusiasts

NFT startups thrive on community, and we are familiar with this marketplace. As NFTs are the new wave of decentralized finance and are a widely recognized payment method in the metaverse, the NFT ecosystem has grown and become oversaturated. Third Coast Ventures has invested its human and financial resources to build a strong community. We offer a well diversified community of investors, enthusiasts &  are a major competitive marketing advantage to grow your community.