Web 3.0 & NFT Investing

Web 3.0/NFT Investing:

The rise of blockchain & Web 3.0 technology has changed the way people do business and is on the verge of forming a trillion-dollar digital economy. Web 3.0 is the new tipping point of technological advancement where the concept of decentralized technology has revolutionized every field of life, from Crypto to retail to even the financial sector.

Third Coast Ventures is here to support new entrepreneurs and start-ups in this emerging space. From capital needs to marketing and technical support, our team of experts is here to help every step of the way.

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Web3.0 comes with a variety of new hurdles and steep entry costs. The vast majority of start-ups in this space fail because they lack the upfront capital & expertise needed to get their project off the ground. From Artwork to building Marketing Hype, costs easily snowball and discourage entrepreneurs from following through on their vision.


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Our Investment process


Referral Process

Upcoming NFT & Crypto projects can reach out to us on our Discord platform or apply by filling out the form on Third Coast Venture’s website. We offer referral bonuses for existing clients that recommend us other projects.


Vetting & Voting Process

Our vetting process begins with a thorough analysis of the potential project by our Board of Directors. Once approved by the Board, projects are pitched to the Noah's Ark NFT Holders community in our 'Ark Tank' to vote on.


Contract Negotiation

Once approved by our investor community, we agree on all terms, conditions & financials., Our lawyers team then create a legally binding contracts for both parties to sign.


Community Backing

Our DAO of loyal holders (Noah's Ark NFT) plays a huge role in upscaling your project's widespread success in the crypto eco-system. This pool of investors is one of our greatest assets & has a vested interest in your project’s large-scale financial adoption.

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